Air conditioner repair

Should I repair or replace my AC unit?

Do I need to replace or repair my AC unit? – It is such a popular question. Finding out if you ought to replace or repair AC unit can be a hard decision to make. You need to consider several factors to make a decision. According to Energy Star, an average air conditioner last approximately 15-20 years. AC unit draws your attention through the noise, performance issues, high summer cooling bills, you begin to think whether you should repair AC unit or replace it. It is such an essential decision because the initial costs of a new unit are significantly high. The optimal time when it is the best to replace an air conditioner depends on how many years have passed since the original installing central AC unit date and if it would cost less to replace or repair AC unit.


Installing the Central AC unit date is more than 10-15 years

The lifespan of air conditioners does not last forever. Actually, an air conditioner will last the same amount of time as the average residential occupancy – about 10-15 years. If your air conditioner is around this age range, you should observe your AC unit and take into consideration if it is worthwhile to replace, particularly, if it starts to require more often repairs or you face failures.

An old air conditioner will grow less efficient, and it might need to run longer to cool a house down. Around 10 to 15 years, is enough time for the AC units. Purchasing a new air conditioner with newer capabilities can help you to save your money on your energy bills every month. A new air conditioner also offers more efficient compared to an old air conditioner. Replacing an old air conditioner has a long-term benefit.

Does it fail the 5000$ test?

People who have an old air conditioner know that they are going to have to replace the AC unit. Of course, anybody does not want to think about it. Any homeowner is not willing to pay that cost. Every year, they pay the repair bills to keep it going. So where should you draw a line and say “It is the best time to replace my old AC unit with the new one.”. There is a simple formula that is called the 5000$ rule that can help you to make a decision.

When you compare the respective cost of repairing an air conditioner versus a new air conditioner, you can apply the 5000$ rule. You should multiply the age of your air conditioner to the total cost of repair. You can find the manufacturing date printed on your air conditioner or on the manual.  If you can not find it, you can ask professionals about this. Replacing an old AC unit would better than constant repair if it is more than the average cost of a new system that is around 5000$. If it is less than that amount, you should have the system repaired instead of purchasing a new AC unit.


Let’s take an example. There is a ten years old AC system that needs 400$ in repairs. Going by the 5000$ rule, there is a question that the system is worth to have maintained since the repair costs multiplied.

$400 (cost in repairs) x 10 (age of your unit) = 4000$

It does not exceed the limit. A defective AC unit system that exceeds the 5000$ rule is responsible for causing additional costly issues in the future because the air conditioner has already been on borrowed time.

Your electricity bills are going up for no reason

Do you see any differences in your electricity bills? Do you think they are going up even without any changes to the thermostat schedule? Are your electricity bills too much higher than friends and family with similar-sized houses? If your answer is “yes,” you should start to think about purchasing a new air conditioner. If your actual AC unit does not perform as you expect, you should buy a model that provides adequate cooling with reasonable electricity bills.


When an air conditioner consumes more energy than regular, usually the issue is due to failure mechanisms that struggle to run the same functions that once it did easily. As a result, the AC unit strains and uses more energy to provide enough coolness. If your energy bills have increased regarding your AC unit, take into consideration the options as follows:

If your AC unit system has not exceeded its lifespan and it is under the 5000$ rule and you should repair AC unit.

If your AC unit system is living on borrowed time and it reaches the 5000$ rule, additional energy costs and expected future performance are responsible for being costlier than a new air conditioner system.

So, spiking energy bills up can add up over the course of a year. A new air conditioner system can be a bargain when you combine the costs that that your older air conditioner system require.


The effectiveness of your air conditioner seems less and less

When people first experience the comforts of an air conditioner system, the difference that it makes to the humid ambient air is like night and day, particularly, if they have had to deal with exceedingly hot conditions. As time goes on and you grow familiar to the adjusted indoor temperatures, the feeling becomes second nature. As a result, you might notice slowly that the air conditioner system loses its effectiveness little by little.

If your air conditioner system is less powerful than it was in the previous summer, it means, your AC unit can be losing its power. If the situation has been worse for two years running and you find yourself sweating at home, although the AC unit runs non-stop, the AC unit system needs maintenance. You should take into consideration as follows:

If the AC unit system has not reached its sell-by date yet, you should invest simple maintenance.

If your AC unit is getting old, old repair can be a short-term fix to a long-term problem that is responsible for costing more every year. Do not forget that there is a huge difference between a faulty and a failing AC unit.


Your AC unit needs frequent repair

If you have owned the same the AC unit system for more than a decade, you might have had the system serviced three or four times over the years. If your AC unit needed service again just months after the last round of maintenance, that is an indicator that the AC unit is in for greater problems. If the AC unit system demands frequent repair, you should consider the options as follows:

New AC unit system needs a second or third repair in the space of a year, you should consider having the AC unit inspected by a different specialist. It is possible that the AC performance problems are not diagnosed for the first time. If it is quite old and you repair AC unit annually, the money you spend in a year can well exceed the 5000$ rule.

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