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Easy Central Air Conditioner Unit Maintenance Tips

As a unit that protects both from summer heat and winter cold, it is vital to maintenance central air conditioner units regularly. To maintenance of an air conditioner system will extend the life of it. Well, but when we should maintenance of central air conditioner and who should do it? Although many people put off the maintenance of air conditioners, in fact, for better use of central air conditioner units, you should pay attention to maintenance time and the technicians who will care. Qualified experts should perform air conditioning maintenance operations. During the maintenance operations, all the values of your central air conditioner units are checked and cleaned. If you ask that when the air conditioning maintenance should be done, the best time is two times in a year (especially before the start of winter and summer seasons).

What kind of operations are carried out during maintenance?

Firstly, the pressure value is controlled in the central AC units. Then you need to check the electrical installation. After all the connections of the units are carefully inspected, and air filter replacement is carried out if it is necessary you need to change the air filter. For this reason, air conditioning maintenance operation must be done by professional air conditioning services.

If you do not maintain your central air conditioners, you will face problems that will be difficult and more costly to repair. Giving importance to the periodic maintenance of your central air conditioner units is essential in order not to lose more money. Also, it is crucial especially to avoid problems with the original parts of your central air installations. In addition to this, you should maintain your AC unit before using it, to prevent a disease from dust and bacterias inside the air conditioner filter.

Cleaning the condenser coil of your air conditioner makes it work more cool with less energy and makes you more comfortable. The best time to clean air conditioners is autumn. We will inform you about some tips you need to follow to maintain your central air conditioner coil.


Easy AC maintenance tips

  1. Switch off the air conditioning switch.

Most central air conditioners have their switch. You may have to turn off the fuse box, the button or the fuse. If there is no fuse box find the current switch panel that controls the air conditioner, then turn off it from there.

     2. Cut the plants around the air conditioner.

Be careful not to get into the units when you cut grass, flowers, bushes or grass. Leaves should be at least 60 cm away from the units.

     3. Lift the outer cover or transport panel. You will need a screwdriver or a wrench.

     4. Lift the top of the air conditioner. Be careful not to pull the fan cables and damage them.

    5. Clean the fan motor blades and shaft. Wipe the dirt on the fan blade with a wipe or a small broom, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the fan motor and column body. If an engine is designed to require lubrication, apply a small amount of oil to each oil port. (Fans without oil port are designed to be maintenance-free.)

    6.  Clean the coil. Use a small broom or a hard brush.

     central-air-conditioner-maintenance-tips7. Remove dirt from the coil and spray. You can do this only with water, or you can wipe it with recycled cleaning fluid mixed with water if it is filthy. Spray cleaning liquid from outside to inside and leave it wet for 10-15 minutes. You may want to re-use the cleaning liquid and leave it wet for another 5 minutes for the second time. Cover the electrical cables and compressor with plastic before spraying the air conditioner.

   8. Rinse the cleaning liquid through the coil. Keep the water from the inside out so that the dirt will flow outward from the central AC instead of staying inside. Continue rinsing until it is spotless.


9. Inspect the coils if there is any damage. If there is any twist, you can fix them with special combs from the store selling air conditioner parts.

10. Reassemble the central air conditioner units.

The instructions above also apply to the heat pump. If you notice any problems with the cleaning process, such as oil dripping or damage to the condenser contact the air conditioner unit repair service.

Necessary materials for the central air conditioner maintenance operation are here:

  • Screwdriver
  • Small broom or brush
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Funnel (preferably)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning fluid (recyclable)
  • Cloth


How to maintain the central air conditioner units at home?


After a long period of use, large amounts of dust accumulate in the air supply system of the air cleaner, evaporator, and air conditioner. These powders may contain more bacteria and viruses. These harmful substances can enter the room, pollute the air of the room and cause diseases. Therefore, they are dangerous to human health. Pollution reduces the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner, increases electricity consumption and reduces the service life. Thus, the central air conditioner units need to be cleaned when it has been closed for a long time.

Split air conditioner cleaning method: turn off the power supply of the air conditioner, open the cover, remove the air cleaner and wash and clean the accumulated dust. Tighten the special foam to the inlet side of the evaporator. Dirt can be cleaned using a mop or water if there is too much dirt. After installing the air filter and closing the lid, turn on the air conditioner for 10 minutes, operate in maximum airflow and cooling function for 30 minutes.

Hall type air conditioner cleaning method: remove the cabinet panel to reach the evaporator, squeeze a large amount of special foam on top of the evaporator and replace the panel cover after 10 minutes. Then turn on the air conditioner and run it in maximum airflow and cooling function for 30 minutes. Close the outlet with a wet cloth to prevent foam and dirt from entering the outlet. After cleaning, the dust and bacteria are cleaned, and the air is cleaned. As a result, you save electricity and provide a healthy environment for you and your family.


Correct use of the central air conditioner units


The primary maintenance tip of the central air conditioner units is to use it correctly. Proper use of the air conditioner is as follows:

  1. The room temperature should be fixed to 240C, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor should not be more than 7 degrees.
  2. The room where the central air conditioner works should be kept clean to reduce the sources of disease.
  3. Open the windows regularly to ventilate the room for 1 to 3 hours after the air conditioner starts. Fresh air should be supplied to the room. Natural cooling with the wind coming into the room should be preferred against negative ion generator usage.
  4. Adjust the air flow rate to 20 centimeters per second.

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